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OpenStack User Groups: We Are Only As Strong As The Community We Build

The OpenStack Community A primary, if not THE primary, reason for the success of any open-source project is community involvement by vendors and users alike.  Community was the driver for the success of Linux and Apache and is doing the same for OpenStack as an open-source Cloud software platform. To give you a snapshot of […]

The Cloud Doesn’t Answer The Why Or The How

Where Vendors Go Wrong If you are an end-user, I am sure you’ve dealt with technology vendors that reminded you more of pushy used car salesmen than trusted advisors.  They seem to only care about your concerns long enough to use them as a springboard for delivering their latest product pitches.  And it doesn’t seem […]

Why Rackspace For OpenStack

[Disclaimer: The intent of this blog is NOT for it to be a de facto Rackspace corporate blog; they already have a very good one in place.  My goal, for the most part, is to share my musings on Cloud Computing/IT-as-a-Service and what I am learning generically about OpenStack.  That being said, I will blog, as […]

Talking About vSphere Integration With OpenStack

I mentioned in my previous post how much I appreciated being able to work with and to learn from really smart people, certainly folks smarter than myself.  Well earlier this week, I sat down with someone I had only heretofore spoken with via Twitter – a Nova Compute engineer with the Rackspace Public Cloud.  He […]