Monthly Archives: August 2013

[Updated For Havana] OpenStack Compute For vSphere Admins, Part 5: Designing A Multi-hypervisor Cloud

[I’ve updated this series with information based on the new Havana release and changes in vSphere integration with the latest version of OpenStack.  Any changes are prefaced with the word “Havana” in bold brackets] Having walked through several aspects of vSphere with OpenStack,, I want to start putting some of the pieces together to demonstrate […]

Voting Open For OpenStack Summit Talks!

As of August 15th, community voting began for talks at the upcoming November OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong.  The OpenStack Foundation announced that over 600 talks were submitted this year, more than double the number of submissions from the recent April Summit.  The Foundation will make the final decision on which talks will be accepted […]

OpenStack Compute For vSphere Admins, Part 4: Resource Overcommitment in Nova Compute

This is part 4 in an ongoing series on OpenStack for vSphere Admins.  You can catch up on previous posts by following the links here for part 1, part 2, and part 3, and part 5. One of the areas in OpenStack that seem to be lacking is solid information on how to design an […]