A Busy But Productive OpenStack Summit


My goals for the recent OpenStack Summit in Atlanta were to participate as much as possible, to meet as many people in the community as possible, and to be a resource to as many members of the ecosystem as possible.  As it turned out, I was able to do two out of three, but not all three; that doesn’t mean I didn’t try.  I did not get to participate in as many sessions I had hoped but did get to catch up with and to meet some great members in the community.  In particular, I was encouraged to see how much the community had grown and the number of people for whom the Summit was their first real exposure to the OpenStack technology and ecosystem.  Time and again, I encountered folks who were just starting to learn OpenStack because, as I often heard it said last week, “every company is deploying or evaluating OpenStack.”  This, of course, bodes well for the likelihood of wider adoption.  It was particularly gratifying to meet new friends who encouraged me to continue writing and speaking about OpenStack because they found it to be a benefit to them.

In terms of being a resource to the ecosystem, I found myself speaking with a number of storage vendors, who had attended my OpenStack storage sessions, about how to get involved in the ecosystem.  We talked though some of the same recommendations I had made in my previous blog post about being a vendor in the OpenStack community and I was able to encourage them to think not only in terms of integrating their products but contributing to make the OpenStack platform itself better.

Finally, I had the privilege of participating in a number of Summit sessions, including moderating two panels, participating in a third panel, and collaborating with folks on three other sessions.  In addition, I was able to give three short-form tech talks and co-hosted five podcasts.  For those who are interested, I will list below links to all these panels, talks, and podcasts.  Not all of them are up yet but I will update this post as they come online.  I hope everyone benefits from them, rather you were at the Summit or not.  As always, feedback is welcomed.

Summit Panels:

Summit Sessions

Tech Talk – Engineers Unplugged

  • #BaconStack (Coming at some point)
  • OpenStack Cinder Overview (Coming at some point)

Tech Talk – #vBrownBag

Podcasts – The Cloudcast

Podcasts – Speaking in Tech





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