Some New OpenStack Content


One of the things I enjoy most about being part of the OpenStack community is the amount of content available (sometime too much content) about the technology and the ecosystem.  I’ve had the privilege to contribute some of that content myself, particularly in the past month.  So, I thought it might be helpful to at least a few people if I aggregated the content in a single blog post.

OpenStack Summit

I had a busy first two days in Paris where I moderated two panels, participated as a panelist in five others, and had the opportunity to give a mini-talk.  The panels and mini-talk covered a wide range of topics from technology to community to career advice.  The OpenStack Foundation has helpfully made all the Summit panels and talks available on their YouTube channel.  Below are the panels and talk I participated in, organized in alphabetical order.

Ask The Experts: OpenStack As A Service Or A Distribution

Bridging The Gap: OpenStack For VMware Admins

 Building A Cloud Career In OpenStack

 Meet The OpenStack Ambassadors

OpenStack Design Guide Panel

The Role Of Software Defined Storage In OpenStack Cinder

OpenStack Podcast

I had a blast this week being interviewed by Niki Acosta and Jeff Dickey (well sort of, since Jeff decided to dodge me by going on vacation in Mexico).  I recorded the podcast/hangout from my home office which has bright red walls (not my choice) so it looks like I am in some kind of 80’s new wave dance hall.  That aside, it was a great opportunity to talk all things OpenStack.

OpenStack CrowdChat

Last but not least, I had the privilege of moderating an EMC sponsored CrowdChat on the topic of “OpenStack Operations.”  The CrowdChat was headlined by a star-studded panel of OpenStack experts, including Tim Bell from CERN, Scott Carlson from PayPal, Craig Tracey from Blue Box Group, and Sean Winn from EMC/Cloudscaling.  There were great discussions on a plethora of topics and I encourage everyone to read the transcript here rather you were able to join us live or not.  We will be sponsoring more OpenStack CrowdChats in the future.

That’s all for now.  Hope folks find the content interesting and useful.


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