The Easy Button For Using VMware vSphere With An OpenStack Cloud

The company I work for, Platform9, made two announcements this week. The first is that we have closed a Series B round of funding and the second is that support for VMware vSphere is now generally available (GA). Platform9 CEO and Co-founder, Sirish Raghuram, has blogged about the significance of the funding news. We also view the GA of vSphere support as an important milestone because of the number of customers who currently run vSphere in their data center, many of whom are looking to make their organizations more agile through the use of private clouds. While there are a number of notable private cloud technologies and vendors that integrate with the vSphere hypervisor, none of them offer the ease of management or support for existing vSphere infrastructures that is now being offered by Platform9.


You can read about what we are delivering now and in future releases on the Platform9 support page, which has a number of related articles and release notes. You can also read more about what we are delivering with the GA of vSphere support by reading my blog post on the announcement.

Infrastructure Discovery


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