Platform9 Just Announced Latest Release of Our Managed OpenStack


One of the benefits that Platform9 customers most value with our managed cloud offering is the ability to take advantage of new innovations and capabilities without having to shoulder the burden that often comes with new software releases. This includes all the testing that needs to be performed prior to putting new technology in production. It includes integration of new software with existing or new infrastructure. And it includes the burden of having to upgrade live production systems to a new software release. These all go away for Platform9 customers who rely on us to deliver new innovations and capabilities, such as OpenStack Neutron networking, as part and parcel of our cloud management SaaS offering.

This was the experience for our customers when we seamlessly upgraded them to release 1.3 of Platform9 and our customers “magically’ received new block storage capabilities via our rollout of the OpenStack Cinder service. Now with the release of version 1.4 of Platform9, old and new customers alike will receive additional new capabilities such as dynamic network provisioning, application orchestration using OpenStack Heat, and other useful innovations. As with previous Platform9 releases, we will be  able to upgrade our customers to the new release with minimal disruption.

In a post over on the Platform9 blog site, I briefly reviewed some the new capabilities provided in our new 1.4 release of Platform9. I encourage you to take a look there to find out more.


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