Application Orchestration With Platform9 OpenStack Heat


During the 1992 U.S. Presidential election, the Clinton campaign made famous the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid!” It was a way to remind then candidate Bill Clinton to stay on message when he spoke with the press and with voters and it helped propel Clinton to the presidency. An analogy for this can be found in the cloud computing industry where it’s important to remember that “It’s about the applications!” That focus on making it easy for developers to create and to launch applications is what has made Amazon Web Services the king of public cloud computing. It’s why the Heat project is an important component of OpenStack and private cloud computing.


For example, Platform9 customers are frequently drawn to our solution because of how easy we make it for developers to provision their own cloud instances. It can seem revolutionary to go from waiting weeks for a ticket request to be fulfilled to suddenly acquiring self-service capabilities that allow launching new VMs in minutes. Over time, these same customers start to look into using even more automation to do more complex tasks like launching entire application stacks. That’s where Platform9’s support for OpenStack Heat orchestration comes into the picture.

To read about how Platform9 is delivering OpenStack Heat as an orchestration service and to see an example of how application orchestration can be used, please read my blog post at the Platform9 website.


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