OpenStack Comes Of Age With Mitaka


Watching my daughter grow from an infant into a 13-year-old has been an amazing experience for me. And while I know I have the biggest hand in her growth, I also understand it’s truly a community of family and friends who are nurturing her into maturity.


By the same token, while my employer, Rackspace, along with NASA birthed the open source cloud platform OpenStack, we’re proud to be part of the community effort it’s taken to reach the milestone of its 13th release, Mitaka.


Rackspace remains a key contributor to OpenStack. We’ve contributed the fifth most code contributions (and second overall in the history of the project). With Intel, we created the OpenStack Innovation Center, which trains OpenStack developers, adds features and eliminates bugs. We helped develop the OpenStack Certified Administrator Exam.

Rackspace also contributes by bringing deep operational expertise to the community through our experiences operating the largest OpenStack cloud (our public cloud) and some of the largest OpenStack private clouds in the world. We are also thankful for the 2,300+ contributors and nearly 300 organizations in the community that partnered with us to create this latest release.

Mitaka continues OpenStack’s growth from infancy to enterprise and service provider-ready cloud platform. This release focuses on three key themes: manageability, scalability and user experience.

To read more about my take on OpenStack Mitaka please click here to go to my article on the Rackspace blog site.


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