Why OpenStack Is The Least Interesting Part Of Rackspace Clouds

We spend too much time talking about OpenStack.

That may seem like a surprising statement, considering the resources and energy Rackspace devotes to the OpenStack project and to our offerings built around this open cloud platform.

Rackspace has more engineers and operators talking and thinking about OpenStack than anyone in the world. Our team of OpenStack experts spend much of their time figuring out how to make OpenStack better for our customers and for the community.

We do this because we believe end users should be spending less time talking about OpenStack and more time thinking about what they want to build with it. If we do our job right, OpenStack itself should be the least interesting part of the OpenStack experience for our customers.


The reality, though, is that too many users still spend valuable time and resources worrying about how to operate their OpenStack clouds, diverting resources towards the minutiae of performing upgrades, trying to scale OpenStack and learning how to troubleshoot RabbitMQ.

While it might make sense for some to operate their own OpenStack cloud or deploy a distribution or product, for most users this is an undifferentiated task that can slow down rather than enable business.

To read more about why I think OpenStack as a Service is the best consumption model, please click here to go to my article on the Rackspace blog site.


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