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[Updated For Havana] OpenStack Compute For vSphere Admins, Part 5: Designing A Multi-hypervisor Cloud

[I’ve updated this series with information based on the new Havana release and changes in vSphere integration with the latest version of OpenStack.  Any changes are prefaced with the word “Havana” in bold brackets] Having walked through several aspects of vSphere with OpenStack,, I want to start putting some of the pieces together to demonstrate […]

Vblock Specialized Systems: Because Infrastructure Is Boring And The Application Is King

Almost 10,000 people tuned in the VCE virtual launch today to hear about the biggest launch in the three year history of the company.  For a detailed review of what was announced, I suggest reading Kendrick Coleman’s blog.  Among the products that was unveiled is the Vblock Specialized System SAP HANA, which elevates the capabilities […]

When 60 SCSI Devices Are Not Enough: Virtualizing Databases On vSphere 5.1

I came across a particular issue with several customer last year who were looking to virtualize their databases on vSphere; they ran into the long-standing limit of 60 SCSI devices per virtual machine.  For those who are unfamiliar with the 60 device limit, you can refer to the “vSphere 5.1 Configuration Maximums Guide,” which lists […]

Back to Basics: vSphere Sizing For Business-Critical Applications

Following up on my previous post on “vSphere general sizing,” I want to briefly discuss sizing Business-Critical Applications (BCA) for vSphere.  Business-Critical aka. Tier-One Applications are databases, ERP systems, e-mail servers, and other applications that a customer has indicated is critical to the operation of their business and there are numerous benefits to virtualizing BCAs, […]

The Impact Of NUMA On Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

The diagrams and the bulk of the technical content in this post was borrowed, with permission, from Frank Denneman’s blog. Frank is a Senior Architect for VMware’s Technical Marketing Team and an acknowledged expert in vSphere Resource Management. This post is my effort to consolidate the information from his blog on NUMA and to apply […]

Virtualizing Oracle: Licensing And Support Considerations

In the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to assist many customers with their plans to virtualize their Oracle environments.  In almost every case, I’ve had to address the issues of licensing, performance, and support.  Since performance is a such a large topic of its own, I will address it in multiple future blog […]