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Voting Now Open For OpenStack Summit Talks: The Year Of CloudOps And Community

The general availability of Icehouse, the ninth release of the OpenStack Cloud platform, is only a few months away.  Shortly after that will be the convening of the biannual OpenStack Summit in May, which will be held in Atlanta, GA.  This will be my second Summit and my first ever on U.S. soil.  At the […]

Bridging The Gap: Explaining OpenStack To VMware Administrators – The Talk Track

Introduction Recently, my colleague, Cody Bunch (he’s one presenting in bare feet), and I had the privilege of giving a keynote at the New England Virtualization Technology User Group (NE VTUG) Winter Warmer.  There, we were able to address a room of VMware administrators and architects who were interested in learning about OpenStack.  The keynote […]

OpenStack: The Project, The Products, And The Services

Introduction Recently, my Rackspace colleague, Cody Bunch, and I had the opportunity to sit with Dave Vellante, from Wikibon, to discuss OpenStack in the Enterprise.  During the interview, Dave asked about the readiness of OpenStack for production deployment; we answered in the affirmative but also took time to draw the distinction between OpenStack as an […]

The Cloud Doesn’t Answer The Why Or The How

Where Vendors Go Wrong If you are an end-user, I am sure you’ve dealt with technology vendors that reminded you more of pushy used car salesmen than trusted advisors.  They seem to only care about your concerns long enough to use them as a springboard for delivering their latest product pitches.  And it doesn’t seem […]

Why Rackspace For OpenStack

[Disclaimer: The intent of this blog is NOT for it to be a de facto Rackspace corporate blog; they already have a very good one in place.  My goal, for the most part, is to share my musings on Cloud Computing/IT-as-a-Service and what I am learning generically about OpenStack.  That being said, I will blog, as […]

Next Stop… The Open Cloud

Most of my conversation partners on Twitter know that this past Friday was my last day of employment, after 2+ years, at VCE.  I am grateful for and humbled by the number of now former colleagues who expressed their well-wishes and thanked me for the contributions I made to the VCE community.  There were also a […]

Vblock Specialized Systems: Because Infrastructure Is Boring And The Application Is King

Almost 10,000 people tuned in the VCE virtual launch today to hear about the biggest launch in the three year history of the company.  For a detailed review of what was announced, I suggest reading Kendrick Coleman’s blog.  Among the products that was unveiled is the Vblock Specialized System SAP HANA, which elevates the capabilities […]