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My Take On The “Last” EMC World

I was in Las Vegas last week for the “last” or at least last independent EMC World (there will be a Dell-EMC World in 2017). As a former EMC employee, I was interested in seeing what the messaging would be as EMC enters uncharted territory as an acquired company (say it with me three time “This […]

Vblock Specialized Systems: Because Infrastructure Is Boring And The Application Is King

Almost 10,000 people tuned in the VCE virtual launch today to hear about the biggest launch in the three year history of the company.  For a detailed review of what was announced, I suggest reading Kendrick Coleman’s blog.  Among the products that was unveiled is the Vblock Specialized System SAP HANA, which elevates the capabilities […]

Go Public (Cloud)!

Back in January 2013, Silicon Angle posted an article highlighting security challenges that Amazon Web Services (AWS) faces as it tries to make inroads into the Enterprise. In particular, the article highlighted the lack of visibility and control over the physical infrastructure when an enterprise decides to move to AWS.  Two weeks later, David Linthicum, […]

Why vFabric EM4J Matters To vSphere Administrators

In my role as a Principal Consulting vArchitect at VCE, I function as an evangelist for solutions on the Vblock.  These solutions focus not only on Infrastructure-as-a-Service, but Platform-as-a-Service as well.  In particular, I have been looking at technologies such as Cisco Intelligent Automation Cloud and VMware’s vFabric Suite. Lately, I’ve been learning more about […]