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What It Means To Be In The OpenStack Community (One Member’s Take)

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of giving two talks at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference in Denver, Colorado.  Neither talk was specifically about OpenStack; the first was on navigating the differences between legacy and cloud native applications while the second was on getting involved with and growing out technical communities.  While the response within […]

Coming To A VMUG Near You: vSphere With OpenStack

  One of the most rewarding things I got to do last year was to help educate the VMware community on the value and the workings of the OpenStack cloud platform.  As well, I had the opportunity to educate the OpenStack community on how VMware has been integrating their technologies into the OpenStack platform.  Along […]

So Is It Technical Or Technology Evangelist?

It was nearly a year ago (April 29, 2013 to be exact) that I joined Rackspace as a Cloud Architect in their Private Cloud business unit.  And it has been one of the best years of my life, career-wise, as I got to work with some great people, to learn a disruptive technology called OpenStack, […]

Deploy OpenStack (Havana) On Your Laptop Using Vagrant And Chef

[UPDATE] My Rackspace colleague, James Thorne, has a post on his extremely useful blog that uses the 4.2.1 release of the Rackspace Private Cloud (RPC) to install the Havana release of OpenStack on a laptop using Vagrant and Chef.  Since James’ post actually uses the GA version of RPC and includes Neutron Networking, I highly […]

Deploying A HA OpenStack Cloud On Your Laptop

Introduction A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk about OpenStack and High Availability (HA) on the vBrownBag podcast.  The slide deck below (since updated) is based on the presentation I gave, during which we discussed OpenStack HA at the various layers of a Cloud platform, from the application down to the […]

Why Rackspace For OpenStack

[Disclaimer: The intent of this blog is NOT for it to be a de facto Rackspace corporate blog; they already have a very good one in place.  My goal, for the most part, is to share my musings on Cloud Computing/IT-as-a-Service and what I am learning generically about OpenStack.  That being said, I will blog, as […]

Next Stop… The Open Cloud

Most of my conversation partners on Twitter know that this past Friday was my last day of employment, after 2+ years, at VCE.  I am grateful for and humbled by the number of now former colleagues who expressed their well-wishes and thanked me for the contributions I made to the VCE community.  There were also a […]