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What EMC Is Up To With OpenStack Cloud Solutions

Today, EMC is announcing the availability of a family of EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions, including engineered IaaS solutions based on VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack technologies.  The official press release and “Redefine Hybrid Cloud” launch event rightly focuses on the Federation SDDC Edition of the EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution family, given its immediately availability […]

Vblock Specialized Systems: Because Infrastructure Is Boring And The Application Is King

Almost 10,000 people tuned in the VCE virtual launch today to hear about the biggest launch in the three year history of the company.  For a detailed review of what was announced, I suggest reading Kendrick Coleman’s blog.  Among the products that was unveiled is the Vblock Specialized System SAP HANA, which elevates the capabilities […]

Application Sizing: It’s All About Your Assumptions

All of us in  IT  are familiar with the oft-used vendor’s answer, “It depends,” in response to questions about how big and how much when it comes to application and infrastructure sizing.  Of course, the companion questions to that stock answer could be “What are the requirements” and “what are your assumptions?”  And more often […]

The Impact Of NUMA On Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

The diagrams and the bulk of the technical content in this post was borrowed, with permission, from Frank Denneman’s blog. Frank is a Senior Architect for VMware’s Technical Marketing Team and an acknowledged expert in vSphere Resource Management. This post is my effort to consolidate the information from his blog on NUMA and to apply […]

Virtualizing Oracle: Licensing And Support Considerations

In the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to assist many customers with their plans to virtualize their Oracle environments.  In almost every case, I’ve had to address the issues of licensing, performance, and support.  Since performance is a such a large topic of its own, I will address it in multiple future blog […]

House Of Sand And Fog (Or Why Most Solutions Suck)

The Poorly Designed House My first post ended with a diagram showing what I consider necessary components of a complete solution. I’ve been using it as a tool to evaluate not only competitive solutions but our own VCE developed solutions. It also provides a visual aid that allows me to drive discussions with customers about […]

If It’s About Solutions, Then What Is The Problem?

Evolving From Hardware Supplier to Solutions Provider I started my first tech job over 20 years ago, working in a New York University lab, building a token-ring network that was running Novell NetWare; the clients were brand spanking new IBM PS/2 computes running version 1 of OS/2. Back then, IBM was looking to solve a […]