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My Next Chapter: Something Old… Something New

Some friends recently remarked that I have been usually quiet on my blog and even on social media the past couple of months. However, that is about to change with what I am announcing today. The TL:DR: As of today, I am a Technical Marketing Engineer at Rubrik. Before I get into why I decided […]

Mission Accomplished: I Am Coming Home

Almost two months ago, I took what many would consider a huge gamble and decided to quit my job at Platform9 and make public, through social media, my job search. As part of that decision to rely on my community of technologists to help crowdsource opportunities, I also decided to open my job search decision making to […]

Crowdsourcing My Job Search: An Update

It was a month ago that I publicly announced I had quit my job and would be essentially “crowdsourcing” the search for my next job. I figured this would be a good time to provide an update and to share some of my experience. First of all, I’ve probably watched more of the 2016 US Presidential Primaries than […]

New Year And New Learnings

Chinese New Year falls on February 8th on the western calendar this year. This is very apropos for me personally since I will no longer be a Platform9 employee as of that date and will be making a new start. It’s also bittersweet since I am leaving on my own accord but doing so after a […]

Life Is Too Short NOT To Pursue Your Passion (Trust Me, I Know)

The worst day of my life occurred on February 28, 2012.  That was the day my wife, Christine, lost her nearly 2 year long battle against stomach cancer at the age of 39, leaving me behind with our then 8 year old daughter, Erin.  I am not one who believes in the redeeming value of tragedies […]