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Sorting Out VMware’s Container Technologies

[Note: I’ve made edits and corrections based on very helpful feedback by Eric Gray and George Hicken and new information that put out by VMware after this post was initially published. Any errors are my misinterpretation. – 01/23/2016] VMware recently announced several technologies and initiatives related to containers and their use in building cloud-native applications. These […]

How To Create The Best OpenStack Cloud For VMware vSphere

At Platform9, we recently announced General Availability for support of VMware vSphere, including 100% interoperability with existing vSphere infrastructure and management tools to make Platform9 the best cloud management solution for vSphere. I highlighted the benefits of this solution in an earlier blog post and indicated that we would be providing more technical details in the future. In […]

Understanding How VMware vSphere Integrates With OpenStack

One of the more interesting developments that I am hearing in the OpenStack community is the growing desire to leverage OpenStack as a “manager of managers” for different types of technologies such as server virtualization and containers. This lines up with the messaging that the OpenStack Foundation has been putting forth regarding the emergence of OpenStack as an Integration […]

Bridging The Gap: Explaining OpenStack To VMware Administrators – The Talk Track

Introduction Recently, my colleague, Cody Bunch (he’s one presenting in bare feet), and I had the privilege of giving a keynote at the New England Virtualization Technology User Group (NE VTUG) Winter Warmer.  There, we were able to address a room of VMware administrators and architects who were interested in learning about OpenStack.  The keynote […]

OpenStack Compute For vSphere Admins, Part 4: Resource Overcommitment in Nova Compute

This is part 4 in an ongoing series on OpenStack for vSphere Admins.  You can catch up on previous posts by following the links here for part 1, part 2, and part 3, and part 5. One of the areas in OpenStack that seem to be lacking is solid information on how to design an […]

[Updated For Havana] OpenStack Compute For vSphere Admins, Part 2: Nova-Scheduler And DRS

[I’ve updated this series with information based on the new Havana release and changes in vSphere integration with the latest version of OpenStack.  Any changes are prefaced with the word “Havana” in bold brackets] vSphere & Resource Scheduling in Nova Compute In part 1, I gave an overview of the OpenStack Nova Compute project and […]

When 60 SCSI Devices Are Not Enough: Virtualizing Databases On vSphere 5.1

I came across a particular issue with several customer last year who were looking to virtualize their databases on vSphere; they ran into the long-standing limit of 60 SCSI devices per virtual machine.  For those who are unfamiliar with the 60 device limit, you can refer to the “vSphere 5.1 Configuration Maximums Guide,” which lists […]