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Word Of Caution About Overextending The Use Of VXLAN

*In light of the clarification, by VMware, that VXLAN is not required for vCloud Connector Datacenter Extension (DCE), I took content from my original post to create this post discussing VXLAN. VXLAN Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VXLAN), is a network overlay and tunneling technology, co-authored by VMware, Cisco, and Arista Networks as an IETF […]

VXLAN: The Right Data Center Interconnect Technology For vCloud Connector?

[First Update] I received some feedback that vCloud Connector 2.0 does not actually use VXLAN as part of its DCE/Stretch Deploy feature.  I am waiting on confirmation since several VMware blogs, including ones that I reference in my post, state that VXLAN is indeed used.  As I also state in my post, I would actually […]