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OpenStack Summit Day 2 Recap: The Future is Multi-Cloud

Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation, kicked off day two of the Summit by tying it back to the first day’s keynote about the challenge of meeting the scalability requirements of projects such as the Square Kilometer Array radio telescope. The SKA project is expecting to require multi-exaFLOPS — that’s one quintillion (10^18) […]

OpenStack Summit Day 1 Recap: OpenStack for Work That Matters

Like the city in which we are meeting, the Barcelona OpenStack Summit feels both old and new at the same time. Barcelona is a new venue for the bi-annual Summit and as usual, there are an impressive number of first time attendees. But there is also a very familiar feel to the Summit this time — after […]

OpenStack Summit Recap: Crossing The Chasm

The sense that OpenStack is reaching a point of maturity that will propel it across the chasm to mainstream adoption was palpable during last week’s OpenStack Summit in Austin, where roughly 7,500 gathered — a one hundred-fold increase from the summit’s inauguration just six years before. The signs of maturation were everywhere — in the keynotes, presentations by […]

OpenStack Summit Day 2 Keynote Recap: Let’s Collaborate!

If the day one keynotes at the OpenStack Summit in Austin emphasized technical diversity in the enterprise as the new reality, the day two keynotes were all about understanding that collaboration is the key to addressing that diversity. Most of the presentations on day two either described or demonstrated solutions that integrate different technologies with OpenStack. […]

OpenStack Summit Day 1 Keynote Recap: Reaching a Diverse Enterprise

A theme quickly emerged on day one of this year’s OpenStack Summit: addressing diversity in the enterprise. The day kicked off Monday morning with a raucous bang — a live band greeted thousands of attendees as they filed into the main expo hall in the Convention Center in Austin, the music capital of Texas. With 7,500 participants, it’s the […]

The Tokyo OpenStack Summit Was “Boring” And That Is A Good Thing

It’s been just over a week since the most recent OpenStack Summit ended and the word that comes to mind when I reflect on the week that just past is “boring.” And that is a good thing. This is not to say there wasn’t exciting news such as new customer use cases, more container talk,  and controversy, […]

Voting Open For OpenStack Summit Talks!

As of August 15th, community voting began for talks at the upcoming November OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong.  The OpenStack Foundation announced that over 600 talks were submitted this year, more than double the number of submissions from the recent April Summit.  The Foundation will make the final decision on which talks will be accepted […]