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Datacenter Extension With vCloud Connector 2.0

*In light of the clarification, by VMware, that VXLAN is not required for vCloud Connector Datacenter Extension (DCE), I took content from my original post to create this post, explaining how DCE actually works. VMware recently announced the general availability of vCloud Connector 2.0, their hybrid cloud management solution and a component of the new […]

VXLAN: The Right Data Center Interconnect Technology For vCloud Connector?

[First Update] I received some feedback that vCloud Connector 2.0 does not actually use VXLAN as part of its DCE/Stretch Deploy feature.  I am waiting on confirmation since several VMware blogs, including ones that I reference in my post, state that VXLAN is indeed used.  As I also state in my post, I would actually […]