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How To Create The Best OpenStack Cloud For VMware vSphere

At Platform9, we recently announced General Availability for support of VMware vSphere, including 100% interoperability with existing vSphere infrastructure and management tools to make Platform9 the best cloud management solution for vSphere. I highlighted the benefits of this solution in an earlier blog post and indicated that we would be providing more technical details in the future. In […]

Voting Now Open For OpenStack Summit Talks: The Year Of CloudOps And Community

The general availability of Icehouse, the ninth release of the OpenStack Cloud platform, is only a few months away.  Shortly after that will be the convening of the biannual OpenStack Summit in May, which will be held in Atlanta, GA.  This will be my second Summit and my first ever on U.S. soil.  At the […]

Bridging The Gap: Explaining OpenStack To VMware Administrators – The Talk Track

Introduction Recently, my colleague, Cody Bunch (he’s one presenting in bare feet), and I had the privilege of giving a keynote at the New England Virtualization Technology User Group (NE VTUG) Winter Warmer.  There, we were able to address a room of VMware administrators and architects who were interested in learning about OpenStack.  The keynote […]

What Is VMware Up To With OpenStack?

Introduction As a former vSphere and now OpenStack Architect, I’ve been following with much interest the courtship ritual that VMware has been performing with the OpenStack project.  Dan Wendlandt and the entire OpenStack Team at VMware has been busy courting the OpenStack community at various venues, including the recent OpenStack Summit.  For the Grizzly release, […]

Installing The vSphere OpenStack Virtual Appliance (VOVA) On Your Laptop, Part 2

(Diagram by Rawlinson Rivera from VMware) Introduction In part 1  of this short series, I walked though setting up a vSphere environment, including ESXi and vCenter, using VMware Fusion.  In part 2, I will walk through deploying VOVA and using vSphere with OpenStack.  Before proceeding, I encourage the reader to review the official VOVA manual […]

Installing The vSphere OpenStack Virtual Appliance (VOVA) On Your Laptop, Part 1

(Diagram by Rawlinson Rivera from VMware) Introduction Beginning with the Grizzly release earlier this year, VMware began to make a splash in the OpenStack community, both with a stated commitment of support and followed up with integration of vSphere with the Nova Compute project.  That has continued in the recent Havana release with further vSphere […]

[Updated For Havana] OpenStack Compute For vSphere Admins, Part 3: HA And VM Migration

[I’ve updated this series with information based on the new Havana release and changes in vSphere integration with the latest version of OpenStack.  Any changes are prefaced with the word “Havana” in bold brackets] I am often asked by  customers to compare the capabilities of OpenStack to the vCloud Suite and KVM to vSphere.  specifically, […]