Monthly Archives: May 2016

Why OpenStack Is The Least Interesting Part Of Rackspace Clouds

We spend too much time talking about OpenStack. That may seem like a surprising statement, considering the resources and energy Rackspace devotes to the OpenStack project and to our offerings built around this open cloud platform. Rackspace has more engineers and operators talking and thinking about OpenStack than anyone in the world. Our team of […]

Benefits Of The Rackspace Approach To OpenStack

As the co-founder and standard-bearer for OpenStack, Rackspace gets a lot of questions from users, journalists, analysts and vendors — about how we run OpenStack at scale, whether we use upstream code or have forked the project, and how we decide what code to contribute back. Given that Rackspace runs the oldest and largest OpenStack […]

Why OpenStack As A Service Is The Best Model

If you’ve read my recent blog post recapping the Austin OpenStack Summit, you’ll know I believe OpenStack is beginning to cross the chasm from early to mainstream adoption. I’m not alone in that assessment; folks inside and outside the OpenStack ecosystem have noted the same trend. Despite this encouraging trend, however, there are warning signs to […]

My Take On The “Last” EMC World

I was in Las Vegas last week for the “last” or at least last independent EMC World (there will be a Dell-EMC World in 2017). As a former EMC employee, I was interested in seeing what the messaging would be as EMC enters uncharted territory as an acquired company (say it with me three time “This […]

Being The OpenStack Standard-Bearer

The OpenStack project originated in 2010 with a short e-mail from Jim Curry, then VP of Corporate Development at Rackspace, to Chris Kemp, CTO of NASA. From this humble beginning, an open source project was born that is today the dominant private cloud platform and the foundation for a growing number of public clouds. In […]

OpenStack Summit Recap: Crossing The Chasm

The sense that OpenStack is reaching a point of maturity that will propel it across the chasm to mainstream adoption was palpable during last week’s OpenStack Summit in Austin, where roughly 7,500 gathered — a one hundred-fold increase from the summit’s inauguration just six years before. The signs of maturation were everywhere — in the keynotes, presentations by […]

OpenStack Summit Day 2 Keynote Recap: Let’s Collaborate!

If the day one keynotes at the OpenStack Summit in Austin emphasized technical diversity in the enterprise as the new reality, the day two keynotes were all about understanding that collaboration is the key to addressing that diversity. Most of the presentations on day two either described or demonstrated solutions that integrate different technologies with OpenStack. […]