Newton: New Enterprise Ready OpenStack Release


OpenStack is moving steadily into the enterprise and is now the de facto standard for private cloud platforms. With Newton, the most recent release, OpenStack is focusing on three key functions necessary for it to become the single platform for enterprise IT: scalability, resiliency and user experience.

At Rackspace, we see the rise of this community-built open source platform as the force behind a continuing wave of innovation, as more users and enterprises reap the benefits of OpenStack and cloud computing.

With every new community release, that promise takes firmer shape, as OpenStack has focused on becoming the single platform for integrating and managing all types of cloud resources, including virtual machines, bare metal servers and containers.

In doing so, OpenStack is becoming a suitable cloud platform for any customer workload, in recognition of the diversity that exists in enterprise data centers.

To read more about what the community has done to make OpenStack enterprise ready, please click here to go to my article on the Rackspace blog site.


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