Cattle Wrangling For Pet Whisperers: Building A Multi-hypervisor OpenStack Cloud

cloud_building_blocksI had the honor of speaking recently to the Minnesota OpenStack User Group in what organizer and networking guru, Kyle Mestery, called their “Massive Minnesota OpenStack Meetup.”  Besides having the privilege of listening to fellow speakers Theron Conrey, Colin McNamara, and Sean Roberts,  I had the opportunity to speak on the topic of “Building A Multi-hypervisor OpenStack Cloud with KVM and vSphere.”  I uploaded the slide deck I used at the meetup and anyone is welcome to download the deck and use it with attribution; my main goal is to help educate the IT community on the possibilities open to them with OpenStack and Cloud Computing.

In my presentation, I reference several of my related blog posts.  Below, I’ve included those posts as well as other resources that you may find helpful.  Some of the resources provide an overview of VMware with OpenStack while others dive into more technical details.

Blog Posts



There are other great resources out there if anyone cares to search for them.  Hopefully, the ones I’ve included in this post will prove to be informative and helpful. As always, all feedback are welcomed.



  1. Hello, Kenneth Hui.
    Let me ask you a question. So, you use 2 Controller Nodes in HA. And there is 2 network segments in the infrastructure: the first segment is KVM-based and another one is VMware. We may use an OpenVSwitch plugin (for Neutron) to manage networks with KVM-based hypervisors. Also, for VMware there is a NSX plugin. Of course, we able to manage both segment using NSX plugin (in that case, we refuse the OVS plugin). Is it possible to manage networks based on different virtualization (KVM and VMware ESXi/VCenter) with different network plugins simultaneously? Thanks in advance

    • In a mixed hypervisor setup with Neutron, you will need to use NSX for networking. The NSX controllers would talk to OVS for KVM and the an NSX switch for vSphere.

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