Is OpenStack Software Dead?


Boris Renski, CMO and co-founder of Mirantis, created a stir yesterday with his blog post, “Infrastructure Software is Dead,” which calls into question the viability of having users deploy and operate infrastructure software such as OpenStack on their own.

Boris says it was a long time coming but he now realizes that you help customers be successful with OpenStack not by building a better mousetrap but by offering a better service.

Given its history and involvement in the OpenStack project, we are gratified to see Mirantis begin to embrace our point of view. From the beginning, Rackspace knew that building a successful cloud would involve not only the right software but also the right operational and services model.

That intuition has been validated though five years of running the world’s largest OpenStack public cloud and partnering with enterprises to build the largest production OpenStack private clouds.

To read more about the Rackspace view on OpenStack as a product or as a service, please click here to go to my article on the Rackspace blog site.


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  1. the problem with openstack is less about the software and more about a shrinking and fading market. is there a lot of corporate it spend in the data centers? sure, but there are well established solutions that serve that shrinking market adaquately.

    the world is moving to public cloud and openstack is living among the dinosaurs.

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